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  1. fill up

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      裝滿, 填滿;填掉(池塘等); 被填滿
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    • 1. 裝滿, 填滿 The channel of the river filled up with mud. 河道被淤泥塞滿。 The gutter has filled up with mud. 溝槽裡都是泥。
    • 2. 填掉(池塘等); 被填滿 The ditch has filled up. 溝渠已經填滿了。
    • 3. 填寫; 填補 Fill up this form, please. 請填好這張表格。
    • 4. 在汽車油箱內裝滿汽油 fill up the tank with petrol 把油箱裝滿汽油


    裝滿, 填滿