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  1. finish off

    • vt.
      吃完; 喝光;完成
    • 釋義


    • 1. 吃完; 喝光
    • 2. 完成 to finish off the letter/book 把信/書寫完 to finish off the week's work 做完一週的工作
    • 3. 結束 to finish off the conference with the national anthem 以國歌結束會議 to finish off one's talk by announcing the winners 以宣布獲勝者名單結束講話
    • 4. 殺死 to finish sb. off with one's sword 用劍結果了某人
    • 5. 毀掉 a mistake that finished him off as a politician 一個斷送他政治生涯的錯誤 the final sprint finished me off 最後的衝刺要了我的命