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  1. finish off

    • ph.
      結束, 完成; 完全吃光;徹底擊倒; 擊敗; 毀滅; 殺死
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    • 1. 結束, 完成; 完全吃光 The little boy finished off all the beer! 那小男孩把啤酒全喝完了! You had better finish off your letter before you go to bed. 你最好在上床睡覺之前把信寫完。
    • 2. 徹底擊倒; 擊敗; 毀滅; 殺死 The cold nearly finished me off. 那場感冒幾乎要了我的命。 The last bullet finished off the wounded animal. 最後的那顆子彈結束了這受傷動物的性命。