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  1. finish with

    • ph.
      完成, 結束;不再...忙碌; 不再使用...
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    • 1. 完成, 結束 Have you finished with the knife? 你小刀用好了嗎?
    • 2. 不再...忙碌; 不再使用... Can you wait a minute? I haven't finished with Ann yet. 你能稍等一下嗎? 我和安還沒完事呢。 You'll be sorry by the time I've finished with you. 等我收拾完你(如懲罰完你), 你就後悔去吧。
    • 3. 與...斷絕關係; 終止與...的聯繫 She should finish with him -- he treats her very badly. 她應該和他斷絕關係--他對她太不好了。 I've finished with gambling -- it's a waste of money. 我已經戒賭了--賭博完全是浪費錢財。