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    • 幫我揾D jobs的名(英文)!

      firefighter firefightress waiter waitress teacher poliseman nurse sales fashion-designer engineer writer cook

    • 你想做什麼工作?(英文回答)

      I want to be a firefighter.Last week , a firefighter passed away in a fire at Cheung save many lives and properties. I wish I could be a firefighter in the future.

    • 一條英文問題~

      1. entrepreneur 2. firefighter (電視記者和劇都聽見這樣講) 3. police officer (TV劇都聽見這樣講) 4. 唔多留意到 2007-08-19 08:36:42 補充: 但唔肯定firefighter係一個字, 定兩個字fire fighter