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  1. flare

    • IPA[fler]


    • n.
      a sudden brief burst of bright flame or light;a device producing a bright flame, used especially as a signal or marker
    • v.
      burn with a sudden intensity;(of a light or a person's eyes) glow with a sudden intensity
    • verb: flare, 3rd person present: flares, gerund or present participle: flaring, past tense: flared, past participle: flared

    • noun: flare, plural noun: flares

    • 釋義



    • 1. burn with a sudden intensity the bonfire crackled and flared up the blaze across the water flared 同義詞 blaze, flash, flare up, flame, burn unsteadily, ... 更多
    • (of a light or a person's eyes) glow with a sudden intensity her eyes flared at the stinging insult
    • (of an emotion) suddenly become manifest in a person or their expression alarm flared in her eyes tempers flared
    • (of an illness or chronic medical complaint) recur unexpectedly and cause further discomfort Tracy's pain has flared up again, this time almost beyond enduring
    • (especially of an argument, conflict, or trouble) suddenly become more violent or intense a recurrent border dispute flared up again
    • (of a person) suddenly become angry she flared up, shouting at Jeff
    • 2. gradually become wider at one end the dress flared out into a huge train
    • (of a person's nostrils) dilate his head lifted, his nostrils flaring 同義詞 spread, broaden, widen, get wider, expand, ... 更多
    • (of a person) cause (the nostrils) to dilate.