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  1. flash

    • IPA[flaʃ]


    • v.
      shine in a bright but brief, sudden, or intermittent way;cause to shine briefly or suddenly
    • n.
      a sudden brief burst of bright light;a patch or sudden display of a bright colour
    • adj.
      ostentatiously stylish or expensive;ostentatiously displaying one's wealth
    • verb: flash, 3rd person present: flashes, gerund or present participle: flashing, past tense: flashed, past participle: flashed

    • noun: flash, plural noun: flashes

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    • 片語



    • 1. a sudden brief burst of bright light a flash of lightning 同義詞 flare, blaze, burst, glare, pulse, ... 更多
    • a patch or sudden display of a bright colour the woodpecker swooped from tree to tree with a flash of yellow, green, and red
    • British a coloured patch of cloth on a uniform used as the distinguishing emblem of a regiment, formation, or country a short man with the black flashes of the tank units 同義詞 emblem, insignia, badge, marking, patch, ... 更多
    • a coloured band on the packaging of a product used to catch the consumer's eye on-pack flashes offer a free ‘Taste of the Caribbean’
    • a pre-drawn design for a tattoo.
    • 2. a sudden or brief manifestation or occurrence of something she had a flash of inspiration 同義詞 burst, outbreak, outburst, wave, rush, ... 更多
    • a newsflash.
    • 3. a camera attachment that produces a brief very bright light, used for taking photographs in poor light an electronic flash if in any doubt use flash
    • 4. trademark in US a platform for producing and displaying animation and video in web browsers.
    • 5. informal ostentatious stylishness or display of wealth workwear represents a move away from Eighties designer flash
    • 6. excess plastic or metal forced between facing surfaces as two halves of a mould close up, forming a thin projection on the finished object flap wheels are ideal for grinding off fibreglass flash
    • 7. a rush of water, especially down a weir to take a boat over shallows.


    • 1. British informal ostentatiously stylish or expensive a flash new car
    • ostentatiously displaying one's wealth he's a bit flash and refers to his gold card a few times too many
    • 2. archaic relating to the language used by criminals or prostitutes.