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  1. get away from

    • vt.
      逃離; 擺脫;背離
    • 釋義


    • 1. 逃離; 擺脫 to get away from it all 躲清淨
    • 2. 背離 to get right away from traditional methods 完全違背傳統方法
    • 3. 否認 there's no getting away from it! 這件事無法否認!
    • 4. 把…甩開
    • 5. 把…從…處帶走; 把…從…處趕走; 把…從…處奪走 we couldn't get the knife away from him 我們沒法奪下他的刀子 we must get him away from her/from her influence 我們必須讓他離開她/擺脫她的影響