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  1. get in

    • ph.
      進入; 加入; 參加;插話
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    • 1. 進入; 加入; 參加 I had no key and couldn't get in. 我沒有鑰匙, 進不去。
    • 2. 插話
    • 3. (使)當選 The Tory candidate stands a good chance of getting in. 保守黨候選人很有當選可能。 Labour got in with a small majority. 工黨以微弱多數票在選舉中獲勝。
    • 4. (使)被錄取
    • 5. 把...拿進來; 收割(庄稼); 收回(債款等); 收(稅) The farmers were busy getting in the crops. 農民們忙於收割庄稼。
    • 6. 購買(生活用品)
    • 7. 下(種); 把...種下 We must get next year's potatoes in before it is too late. 我們必須及時把明年的馬鈴薯種下去。
    • 8. 請...來幫忙
    • 9. 【口】(與...)成為朋友
    • 10. 到達 What time does the train from London get in? 從倫敦開來的火車什麼時候進站? The train got in late. 火車到站誤點了。
    • 11. 擊中
    • 12. 上車
    • 13. 為(工作等)安排時間 I'd like to get in some further reading while we are on holiday. 度假期間我想安排時間再閱讀一點書。


    進入; 加入; 參加

    • ph.
      陷進, 卡入, 動彈不得 Don't get stuck in the matter; it's not your business. 不要陷進這件事, 這不是你的事。
    • ph.
      聯絡 Last week I got in touch with him by phone. 上星期我通過電話和他取得了聯繫。 I can't talk with you now, but I'll get in touch with you this evening by phone. 我現在無法跟你交談, 但是今天晚上我會用電話和你聯繫。
    • ph.
      請某人到家中服務 We'll have to get a plumber in to mend that burst pipe. 我們得請管子工來修理那根爆裂的管子。
    • ph.
      (指政黨)重新執政 The Democrats hope to get back in at the next election. 民主黨人希望在下次選舉中重新執政。
    • vt.
      參加 to get in on the act 插一手
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    • vi.
    • vt.
      進入 the dust got in my eyes 灰塵眯了我的眼睛 how do you get in the museum? 你是怎樣進入博物館的?


    • ph.
      到達 The plane got in on time. 飛機準時到達。


    • ph.
      到達 The plane got in on time. 飛機準時到達。
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