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  1. get into

    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 進入 water had got into the back of the cupboard 水滲進了櫥櫃後面 what's got into her? 她是怎麼回事?
    • 2. 能塞進 the sofa wouldn't get into the alcove 沙發放不進壁凹
    • 3. 穿上
    • 4. 加入; 進入
    • 5. 開始有; 養成 to get into a temper/panic/bad habit 發脾氣/陷入恐慌/染上惡習
    • 6. 被牽扯進 to get into debt/trouble 負債/惹上麻煩
    • 7. 喜歡上
    • 8. 熟悉 to get into the way of doing sth. 養成做某事的習慣 he got into mountaineering 他喜歡上了登山運動
    • 9. 到達
    • 10. 數量是 to get into the hundreds 數以百計
    • 11. 使…進入 she got me into the club 她介紹我進了俱樂部 the Hispanic vote got him into Congress 拉丁裔選民的選票使他當選進入國會
    • 12. 使…處於 to get sb. into a good mood or humour 讓某人的情緒好起來
    • 13. 使…習慣於 to get sb. into the way of doing sth. 使某人養成做某事的習慣
    • 14. 使…陷入 I'll get you into trouble with your dad 我會讓你爸爸管你的 her boyfriend has got her into trouble 她的男友把她肚子搞大了
    • 15. 把…塞進 to get the package into the postbox 把包裹塞進郵筒 to get sb./sth. into the picture 把某人/某物拍進照片