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  1. get on

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      (後尤接副詞或用於疑問句的how之後)過日子; 進展; 進步;出人頭地
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    • 1. (後尤接副詞或用於疑問句的how之後)過日子; 進展; 進步 Our youngest son is getting on well at school. 我們的小兒子功課很有進步。 He seems to be getting on very well at school. 他在學校裡似乎進步很大。
    • 2. 出人頭地 Parents are always keen for their children to get on. 父母總是熱望子女有出息。 She's ambitious and eager to get on in the world. 她雄心勃勃, 一心要(在世上)出人頭地。
    • 3. 對付; 應付 I simply can't get on without a secretary. 我沒有秘書簡直一籌莫展。 We can get on perfectly well without her. 我們沒有她也能幹得很好。
    • 4. 上車; 穿上; 變老; 相處融洽; 責怪, 怒罵 Get your overcoat on. 把你的大衣穿上。 I know he is on the train. I saw him get on with you! 我知道他在火車上, 我看見他和你一起上車的!


    (後尤接副詞或用於疑問句的how之後)過日子; 進展; 進步


    「(後尤接副詞或用於疑問句的how之後)過日子; 進展; 進步」的反義字