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  1. get up

    • vi.
    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 起床 I got up early 我很早就起了床
    • 2. 站起
    • 3. 增強 a wind/the sea was getting up 起風了/海上起浪了


    • 1. 爬上 the old car just got up the steep incline 那輛破舊的車剛剛爬上了陡坡
    • 2. 上行進入 water got up my nose 水沖進了我的鼻子
    • 3. 提高 to get up speed or steam 加速
    • 4. 叫…起床 the nurse made sure to get the patient up 護士保證會叫病人起床的
    • 5. 使站起 the doorbell got her up from her chair 她聽到門鈴就從椅子上站了起來
    • 6. 使上去 we got her up on the horse 我們扶她上了馬 to get the car up the hill 把汽車推上山坡
    • 7. 打扮 her mother got her up as a fairy 她母親把她打扮成仙子
    • 8. 使豎起 it gets the hairs up on the back of my neck 這令我毛骨悚然 to get it up 勃起
    • 9. 組織 to get up a petition/speech 發起請願/構思演講 to get up a crowd of protestors 組織一群抗議者