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  1. give up

    • vi.
    • vt.
      交出; 說出; 交出…的監護權;賣掉
    • v refl
    • 釋義


    • 1. 認輸 don't give up 別自暴自棄 to give up on sth. 放棄某事物
    • 2. 絕望 to give up on sb. 對某人失望 don't give up on me 不要對我失去信心


    • 1. 交出; 說出; 交出…的監護權 they will not give up an inch of their territory 他們寸土不讓 to give sth. up to sb., to give up sth. to sb. 將某物交給某人
    • 2. 賣掉
    • 3. 放棄; 停止學習 Edward VIII gave up the throne for the woman he loved 愛德華八世為了他愛的女人放棄了王位 to give up doing sth. 停止
    • 4. 戒除; 停止 I'm giving up men! 我再也不找男人了!
    • 5. 付出 to give up sth. to sth./doing sth. 為某事/做某事投入某物
    • 6. 交出
    • 7. 認為…不會來 to give sb. up for lost/dead 不再期待某人出現/活著

    v refl

    • 1. 沉溺於某事/做某事 to give oneself up to sth./doing sth. 致力於某事/做某事 she gave herself up to a life of crime 她一生惡貫滿盈