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  1. go back on

    • ph.
      背叛; 出賣;違背(諾言等)
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    • 1. 背叛; 出賣 Never go back on your friends. 永遠不要出賣你的朋友。 She would rather die than go back on her friends. 她寧死也不出賣自己的朋友。
    • 2. 違背(諾言等) He is not the sort of person who will go back on his word. 他可不是那種會食言的人。 Promise you won't go back on our luncheon engagement. 我們已經約好了一起吃午餐, 答應我你不失約。
    • 3. 使失望 In advanced years a man's mind might go back on him. 人上了年齡, 腦子可能就不管用了。


    背叛; 出賣


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