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  1. go for

    • vt.
      襲擊; 抨擊;喜歡
    • 釋義


    • 1. 襲擊; 抨擊 the two youths went for him 那兩個年輕人揍了他 go for him, boy! 去咬他,小傢伙!
    • 2. 喜歡 he doesn't go for modern art much 他不太喜歡現代藝術
    • 3. 選擇 designers have gone for a romantic look this year 設計師們今年選擇了浪漫的風格
    • 4. 爭取 to go for gold/the world record 爭取得金牌/打破世界記錄 the company is going for a new image 公司正努力改變形象
    • 5. 適用於; 我同意 the same goes for Poland too 波蘭也是如此 that goes for me too 我也一樣
    • 6. 以…的價格出售 the house went for over £450,000 這房子售價超過45萬英鎊