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  1. go on

    • vi.
    • vt.
      安裝到…上; 穿到…上; 戴到…上;依…判斷
    • prep
    • 釋義


    • 1. 繼續行進 you go on, we'll follow 你先走,我們隨後 after stopping at Carlisle, this train goes on to Glasgow 在卡萊爾停靠之後,這趟列車接著開往格拉斯哥
    • 2. 發生 what's going on here? 這裡發生甚麼事了?
    • 3. 繼續 we can't go on like this 我們不能這樣繼續下去 go on, we're listening 接著說,我們聽著呢
    • 4. 取得進展 how's the patient/business going on? 病人/生意怎麼樣了?
    • 5. 過去
    • 6. 表現 to go on in a dreadful way 表現糟糕
    • 7. 維持 here's £50 to be going on with 眼下有50英鎊可以將就
    • 8. 嘮叨 ‘you know,’ she went on, ‘it's ridiculous’ “你知道,”她嘮叨著說,“這很可笑” to go on and on 嘮叨個沒完
    • 9. 上場 A went on (for B) in the second half A在下半場上場(替換了B)
    • 10. 安裝上; 穿上; 戴上 the ring won't go on 戒指戴不上 the top goes on like this 蓋子是這樣蓋的
    • 11. 開始運作 the heating goes on at 6 o'clock 6點鐘開始供暖


    • 1. 安裝到…上; 穿到…上; 戴到…上
    • 2. 依…判斷 the police had no clues to go on 警方沒有線索可循
    • 3. 參加 she's gone on a training course 她報名上了一門培訓課
    • 4. 開始 to go on a training regime 開始常規訓練
    • 5. 花費在…上 most of his money goes on drink 他的錢大部分都花在喝酒上了
    • 6. 乘坐 to go on the swing 盪鞦韆
    • 7. 以…為燃料 to go on petrol/diesel 以汽油/柴油為燃料


    • 1. 將近 it'll cost going on (for) £70 它要花將近70英鎊