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      (指演員)上場, 發場;(指運動員)在比賽中上場替換他人
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    • 1. (指演員)上場, 發場 She doesn't go on till Act 2. 她要到第二幕才出場。
    • 2. (指運動員)在比賽中上場替換他人 Allen went on in place of Lineker just before half-time. 就在上半場結束前, 艾倫上場(替換萊恩克)。
    • 3. (板球戲中的投球手)開始投球 Dilley went on to bowl after tea. 茶點過後, 迪理上場投球。
    • 4. 開始運作; 點亮 Why won't the heating go on? 為什麼供暖設備停了? Suddenly all the lights went on. 突然所有的燈都亮了。
    • 5. (指時間)過去, 流逝, 經過 She became more and more talkative as the evening went on. 夜漸深, 她的話漸漸多起來。 Things will improve as time goes on. 隨著時間的推移, 情況會改善的。
    • 6. (尤用於進行時態)發生; 出現 What's going on here? 這兒出什麼事了? There must be a party going on next door. 隔壁準是在舉行聚會。
    • 7. (指情況或狀態)繼續下去而無變化 The present state of affairs cannot be allowed to go on. 目前的情況不能再繼續下去了。 How much longer will this hot weather go on (for)? 這樣炎熱的天氣還要持續多久?
    • 8. (經短暫停頓後)繼續說 She hesitated for a moment, and then went on. 她遲疑了一下, 然後接著說。
    • 9. 用以鼓勵或鼓動某人做某事 Go on! Have another drink. 來呀!再喝一杯。


    (指演員)上場, 發場