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    • 1. 轉換至另一記者(或演播室等) We are now going over to the news desk for an important announcement. 現在我們轉至新聞部, 宣布一項重要消息。
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      (從一邊、一見解、一習慣、一體系等)轉至(另一方面) Two Conservative MPs went over to the Liberals. 有兩名保守黨議員轉至自由黨一邊。 She's gone over to a milder brand of cigarettes. 她已改吸另一牌子味道較淡的香菸。
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      起訴...; 與...打官司
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      不惜一切代價地堅持(觀點、原則等) I think I'm right on this issue but I wouldn't go to the stake over it. 我認為我在這個問題上是正確的, 但我並不想拚命堅持這一點。
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      向…走過去 she went over to him/the window 她走到他身邊/窗戶前 the ferry goes over to Calais twice a day 渡船每天去加來兩次