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    • 1. 【口】(指飯館或商店出售的熟食)外賣的 Two pizzas to go! 來兩份外賣的意大利餅!
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      回到某地去 Do we have enough time? asked Jack. We have to go back to Taipei tomorrow afternoon. 傑克問:“我們有足夠的時間嗎?我們明天下午必須回去台北。”
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      【英】上大學(尤指進牛津或劍橋); (學期開始時)返回大學 She went up to Cambridge in 1977. 她於1977年進入劍橋大學。
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      成碎片 She slipped the dish onto the ground and it went to pieces. 她一失手盤子落到了地上, 摔得粉碎。 My old boat has gone to pieces on the rocks. 我那條舊船在礁石上撞得粉碎。
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      (植物)開花結籽 When a pity you let all those cabbages go to seed. They are no use now. 你讓那些高麗菜都結子了, 多可惜, 它們現在已經不能吃了。 If you do not tend your garden, it will go to seed. 假如你不整理你的花園, 它就要荒蕪了。
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      (狐狸等獵物)進入地洞 The fox went to earth within a hundred yards of the leading hound. 那隻狐狸在距離帶隊獵狗不到100碼的地方躲進洞穴。
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      入睡 Go to sleep now, it's late. 快睡吧, 很晚了
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      做水手 When he was a boy, his greatest wish was to go to sea and be a sailor. 他小時後的最大願望是當水手。
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      用以證明或顯示 You've got no money now. It all goes to show you shouldn't gamble. 你現在沒錢了, 這完全證明你不應該賭博。
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