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  1. go to pieces

    • ph.
      成碎片;垮下來; 崩潰
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    • 1. 成碎片 She slipped the dish onto the ground and it went to pieces. 她一失手盤子落到了地上, 摔得粉碎。 My old boat has gone to pieces on the rocks. 我那條舊船在礁石上撞得粉碎。
    • 2. 垮下來; 崩潰 You'll soon go to pieces if you keep on working like that. 如果你繼續那樣工作的話, 很快就會垮下來。 At the news of her son's death she went completely to pieces. 得到她兒子的死訊, 她神經完全錯亂了。