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  1. go with sth.

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      包括在某事物中; 附屬於某事物;與某事物配合良好; 與某事物協調
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    • 1. 包括在某事物中; 附屬於某事物 A new car goes with the job. 獲這份工作還附帶一輛新汽車。 Do the carpet and curtains go with the house? 房價中包括地毯和窗簾嗎?
    • 2. 與某事物配合良好; 與某事物協調 Her blouse doesn't go with her skirt. 她的襯衫和裙子不協調。 I need some new shoes to go with these trousers. 我需要雙新鞋來配這條褲子。