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  1. gradient

    • IPA[ˈɡrādēənt]


    • n.
      an inclined part of a road or railway; a slope;the degree of a slope
    • noun: gradient, plural noun: gradients

    • 釋義


    • 1. an inclined part of a road or railway; a slope fail-safe brakes for use on steep gradients 同義詞 slope, incline, hill, rise, rising ground, ... 更多
    • the degree of a slope the path becomes very rough as the gradient increases 同義詞 steepness, angle, slant, slope, inclination, ... 更多
    • the degree of steepness of a graph at any point.
    • 2. an increase or decrease in the magnitude of a property (e.g. temperature, pressure, or concentration) observed in passing from one point or moment to another.
    • the rate of a gradient change.
    • the vector formed by the operator ∇ acting on a scalar function at a given point in a scalar field.