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  1. grain

    • IPA[ɡrān]


    • n.
      wheat or any other cultivated cereal crop used as food.;the seeds of cultivated cereals
    • v.
      give a rough surface or texture to;form into grains
    • verb: grain, 3rd person present: grains, gerund or present participle: graining, past tense: grained, past participle: grained

    • noun: grain, plural noun: grains

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    • 1. wheat or any other cultivated cereal crop used as food. 同義詞 cereal, cereal crops
    • the seeds of cultivated cereals grain exports
    • 2. a single fruit or seed of a cereal a few grains of corn 同義詞 kernel, seed, grist, fruit
    • a small hard particle of a substance such as salt or sand a grain of salt 同義詞 granule, particle, speck, spot, mote, ... 更多
    • the smallest possible quantity or amount of a quality there wasn't a grain of truth in what he said 同義詞 trace, hint, suggestion, suspicion, tinge, ... 更多
    • a discrete particle or crystal in a metal, igneous rock, etc., typically visible only when a surface is magnified.
    • a piece of solid propellant for use in a rocket engine.
    • 3. the smallest unit of weight in the troy and avoirdupois systems, equal to 1/5760 of a pound troy and 1/7000 of a pound avoirdupois (approximately 0.0648 grams).
    • 4. the longitudinal arrangement or pattern of fibers in wood, paper, etc. he scored along the grain of the table with the knife 同義詞 texture, intertexture, surface, finish, feel, ... 更多
    • roughness in texture of wood, stone, etc.; the arrangement and size of constituent particles the lighter, finer grain of the wood is attractive
    • the rough or textured outer surface of leather, or of a similar artificial material.
    • lamination or planes of cleavage in materials such as stone and coal.
    • a granular appearance of a photograph or negative, which is in proportion to the size of the emulsion particles composing it.
    • 5. archaic a person's character or natural tendency.
    • 6. historical kermes or cochineal, or dye made from either of these.


    • 1. give a rough surface or texture to her fingers were grained with chalk dust
    • form into grains if the sugar does grain up, add more water
    • 2. paint (something, especially furniture or interior surfaces) in imitation of the grain of wood or marble what is the use of having natural wood when you can grain it like that?
    • 3. remove hair from (a hide).
    • 4. North American feed (a horse) on grain.
    • n.
      a weevil that is a common pest of stored grain, which is eaten by the larvae.

    Oxford Dictionary

    • ph.
      thorough, genuine, by nature, or downright; indelible

    Oxford American Dictionary

    • adj.
      running across the regular grain in timber: cross-grain swelling

    Oxford Dictionary

    • n.
      a beetle that feeds on grain and rice and is a common pest of granaries and flour mills.

    Oxford American Dictionary

    • n.
      a tall building used to store grain and containing equipment for conveying grain to the top of ... the farmer delivers his crop to the grain elevator at the end of the year

    Oxford American Dictionary

    • n.
      ethanol made by the fermentation of grain: advocaat is a liqueur made of grain alcohol, vanilla, eggs, milk, and sugar

    Oxford Dictionary

    • n.
      a small beetle which infests grain stores and warehouses.

    Oxford American Dictionary

    • n.
      whisky made mainly from wheat or maize.

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • IPA[ɡreɪn]


    • n.
      wheat or any other cultivated cereal used as food.
    • v.
      give a rough surface or texture to: her fingers were grained with chalk dust

    Oxford Dictionary