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  1. grin

    • IPA[ɡrɪn]


    • v.
      smile broadly;express with a broad smile
    • n.
      a broad smile
    • verb: grin, 3rd person present: grins, gerund or present participle: grinning, past tense: grinned, past participle: grinned

    • noun: grin, plural noun: grins

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. smile broadly Dennis appeared, grinning cheerfully
    • express with a broad smile ‘My word,’ grinned the delighted man she grinned her approval
    • grimace grotesquely so as to reveal the teeth the skull grinned back at him, its eye sockets dark and hollow


    • 1. a broad smile a silly grin