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  1. hang on

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      緊緊抓住, 握住不放;堅持, 不放棄
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    • 1. 緊緊抓住, 握住不放 Jack almost fell off the cliff, but managed to hang on until help came. 杰克險些從崖頂掉下來, 幸好他還能抓住崖邊, 直到救援到來。
    • 2. 堅持, 不放棄 I had to hang on by the eyebrows. 我得硬著頭皮幹下去。
    • 3. 等待片刻; (打電話)不掛斷 Hang on a minute while I look it up. 電話別掛斷, 我查一下看。
    • 4. (疾病等)經久不愈, 持續 a cold that hung on for four weeks 前後持續了四個星期的感冒
    • 5. 倚, 靠; 成為...的負擔 The worry hung on his mind. 他憂慮重重。
    • 6. 有賴於, 取決於 A tobacco grower's income for the year may hang on what the weather is like in a few summer weeks. 菸草種植者一年的收成可能取決於夏季幾周的天氣。 Everything hangs on your decision. 一切有賴於你的決定。
    • 7. 傾聽, 注意地聽; 仔細考慮 We hung on the teacher's every word. 我們全神貫注地聽著老師的每一句話。


    緊緊抓住, 握住不放


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