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  1. harvest

    • IPA[ˈhärvəst]


    • n.
      the process or period of gathering in crops;the season's yield or crop
    • v.
      gather (a crop) as a harvest;catch or kill (animals) for human consumption or use
    • verb: harvest, 3rd person present: harvests, gerund or present participle: harvesting, past tense: harvested, past participle: harvested

    • noun: harvest, plural noun: harvests

    • 釋義



    • 1. gather (a crop) as a harvest after harvesting, most of the crop is stored in large buildings 同義詞 gather in, gather, bring in, take in, reap, ... 更多
    • catch or kill (animals) for human consumption or use the quantity of squid harvested has risen
    • remove (cells, tissue, or an organ) from a person or animal for transplantation or experimental purposes.
    • collect or obtain (a resource) for future use the research teams are leading the way in identifying new ways of harvesting the sun's energy