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  1. hoax

    • IPA[həʊks]


    • n.
      a humorous or malicious deception
    • v.
      trick or deceive (someone).
    • verb: hoax, 3rd person present: hoaxes, gerund or present participle: hoaxing, past tense: hoaxed, past participle: hoaxed

    • noun: hoax, plural noun: hoaxes

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    • 1. a humorous or malicious deception the evidence had been planted as part of an elaborate hoax a hoax 999 call


    • 1. trick or deceive (someone).
    • n.
      a phone call made to trick or deceive someone for humorous or malicious purposes: anybody who makes a hoax call to the emergency services is potentially risking lives

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • IPA[hōks]


    • n.
      a humorous or malicious deception: they recognized the plan as a hoax he was accused of making hoax calls
    • v.
      deceive with a hoax.

    Oxford American Dictionary