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  1. hold

    • IPA[həʊld]



    • vt.
      握著; 抱著;咬住; 銜住
    • vi.
      支撐得住; 粘得牢;保持不變
    • n.
      抓; 抱;擒拿法
    • adv
    • 過去式:held 過去分詞:held 現在分詞:holding

    • 名詞複數:holds

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    • 1. 握著; 抱著 to hold a coin 攥住一枚硬幣 to hold a pen 握筆
    • 2. 咬住; 銜住 it held the worm in its beak 牠用喙銜著小蟲 the dog was holding a ball in its mouth 那條狗嘴裡叼著一個球
    • 3. 擁抱 to hold sb. in one's arms 抱著某人 to hold each other tight 緊緊相擁
    • 4. 抓住
    • 5. 使保持不動 to hold sth. in place or position 把某物固定住 to hold the door open/shut 把門開著/關著
    • 6. 捂住 she was holding her head 她抱著頭
    • 7. 承受; 承受…的重量
    • 8. 阻止 we held the thief 我們看住了小偷 there's no holding him/her 他/她要大展宏圖
    • 9. hold back
    • 10. 扣留 to hold suspects (for questioning) 拘留嫌犯(審訊) to hold sb. prisoner/hostage 囚禁某人/把某人扣為人質
    • 11. 裝著; 容納 the tank holds 5 litres 這個油箱能裝5升汽油 the car holds five (people) 這輛車能坐下5個人
    • 12. 持有; 擁有 to hold the record (for sth.) 保持(某比賽的)紀錄 to hold a fascination for sb. 對某人有很大的吸引力
    • 13. 能喝下 to hold one's drink or liquor 酒量很大 he can't hold his drink 他是一喝就醉
    • 14. 擔任; 掌握
    • 15. 保管; 保存
    • 16. 守住; 保住
    • 17. 保留
    • 18. 推遲
    • 19. 停止處理; 暫緩; 延後投遞 hold it! 等一下! hold the onions 不加洋蔥
    • 20. 延長; 繼續唱 a minim is held for two beats 一個二分音符延續兩拍
    • 21. 吸引
    • 22. 沿…航行
    • 23. 保持; 守住 to hold spending to £2 billion 使開支保持在20億英鎊 he held the class spellbound 他使全班學生聽得入了神
    • 24. 舉行; 舉辦; 進行 to hold a service 做禮拜 to hold a conversation (with sb.) (與某人)進行交談
    • 25. 堅持 to hold the idea/opinion that ... 認為… a firmly held belief 堅定的信念
    • 26. 認為 to hold sb. responsible (for sth.) 認為某人應該(對某事物)負責 to hold sb./sth. in high esteem or regard 非常尊重某人/高度重視某事物


    • 1. 支撐得住; 粘得牢 to hold fast 牢牢地吃住不動
    • 2. 保持不變 to hold until tomorrow 持續到明天 his luck held 他一直走運
    • 3. 等待 please hold a moment 請稍等
    • 4. 合乎邏輯 to hold true 正確 his argument doesn't hold 他的論點站不住腳
    • 5. 有效 to hold good 有效
    • 6. 保持不動 hold still! 不要動!
    • 7. 抓住 hold tight! 抓緊!


    • 1. 抓; 抱 to get or take or lay hold of sb./sth. 抓住某人/某物 to keep (a) hold of sb./sth. 抓著某人/某物不放
    • 2. 擒拿法 to have sb. in a hold 用擒拿法控制住某人
    • 3. 支撐點
    • 4. 控制; 變得根深蒂固 to have a hold over or on sb. 能左右某人 get a hold of yourself! 鎮定一點!
    • 5. 定型力 a long-lasting hold 持久定型
    • 6. 貨艙


    • 1. 待接 to put sb. on hold 讓某人等待 to put a call on hold 讓電話待接
    • 2. 推遲 to put sth. on hold 暫停 to put one's career on hold (to do sth.) 中斷事業(做某事)


    1. grasp, carry, or support with one's arms or hands

    2. embrace (someone)

    3. be able to bear (the weight of a person or thing)

    4. keep or detain (someone)

    5. keep (someone's interest or attention)

    6. (of a favourable condition or situation) continue without changing

    7. be or remain valid or available

    8. contain or be capable of containing (a specified amount)

    9. have in one's possession

    10. have or occupy (a job or position)

    11. have (a belief or opinion)

    12. arrange and take part in (a meeting or conversation)

    13. an act or manner of grasping something; a grip

    14. power or control


    「1. grasp, carry, or support with one's arms or hands」的反義字

    「2. keep or detain (someone)」的反義字

    「3. keep (someone's interest or attention)」的反義字

    「4. (of a favourable condition or situation) continue without changing」的反義字

    「5. be or remain valid or available」的反義字

    「6. arrange and take part in (a meeting or conversation)」的反義字

    • n.
      擁有的財產; 股份 a 40% holding in the company 公司40%的股份
    • pt, pp
    • n.
    • hold的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • hold的名詞複數
    • hold的過去式和過去分詞


    • 保存,把握


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    • vt.
      握著;抓住;夾住 He held a knife in his hand. 他手裡握著一把刀。
    • vi.
      持續,保持 I hope this beautiful weather will hold. 我希望這種好天氣將持續下去。
    • n.
      抓住,握住;握法[C][U][(+of/on)] He lost hold of the rope and fell to the ground. 他沒有抓住繩子,摔到地上。
    • 抓住,拿著,握住,保持,容納,控制,抑制,舉行,掌握,佔有,認為…