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  1. in turn

    • ph.
      按順序; 依次; 逐個地
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    • ph.
    • 1. 按順序; 依次; 逐個地

      The applicants were summoned in turn to see the examiner. 申請人依次被召入會見考官。

      Mechanical energy is changed to elective energy which is in turn changed to mechanical energy. 機械能轉變為電能, 電能又轉變為機械能。


    按順序; 依次; 逐個地


    「按順序; 依次; 逐個地」的反義字

    • ph. 上交; 睡覺; 拐彎進入; 取得; 放棄; 交換; 告發; 出賣

    • When the football season was over, we turned in our uniforms. 踢足球的季節過去之後, 我們就把運動服上繳了。

      He complained of being tired and turned in early. 他說他太累, 很早就睡了。

    • vi.
    • I think I'll turn in now 我想我該睡覺了
    • vt.
    • you must turn in your pass when you leave the building 你離開大樓時必須交回通行證
    • v refl
    • he went to the police station and turned himself in 他到警察局自首了
    • ph. 交上;歸還

    • Turn in all the tools after use. 全部工具用後都要歸還。

    • ph. 交出,上床睡覺

    • ph. 交還或退還某物

    • You must turn in your kit before you leave the army. 退伍時應將裝備(制服等)繳回。

    • ph. 【口】將某人交給警方拘押

    • She threatened to turn him in. 她威脅說要向警方告發他。

    • ph. 埋頭於自己的事務而不與他人聯繫

    • She's really turned in on herself since Peter left her. 彼得離開她以後, 她就閉門杜絕人事了。

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    • ph.
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