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  1. keep sth. up

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    • 1. 使某物不落下 wear a belt to keep one's trousers up 繫著腰帶以繫住褲子
    • 2. 使某事物處於高水平 The high cost of raw materials is keeping prices up. 原料費用昂貴使得產品價格居高不下。
    • 3. 不讓(精力等)衰退; 維持; 保持 They sang songs to keep their morale up. 他們唱著歌以保持高昂的士氣。
    • 4. 繼續使某事物保持同樣的(通常指高的)水平 The enemy kept up their bombardment day and night. 敵軍一直日夜不停地狂轟濫炸。 We're having difficulty keeping up our mortgage payments. 我們難以繼續支付分期償還的抵押貸款。
    • 5. 照舊做某事物或遵守某事 keep up old customs, traditions, etc. 沿襲古老的風俗、傳統等 Do you still keep up your Spanish? 你仍在學西班牙語嗎?
    • 6. 保養, 維修(房屋、花園等) The house is becoming too expensive for them to keep up. 他們的房子維修費用貴得越來越修不起了。