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  1. knock down

    • vt.
      撞倒; 打倒; 碰落; 撞開; 排除;拆掉; 駁倒
    • 釋義


    • 1. 撞倒; 打倒; 碰落; 撞開; 排除 to be knocked down by lightning/a wave 被雷電擊倒/被大浪沖倒
    • 2. 拆掉; 駁倒
    • 3. 減少 to knock the bill down by a few pounds 把賬單金額減少幾英鎊 to knock the price down 5% 殺價5%
    • 4. 得到減價 to knock sb. down (to/from sth.) 使…(從/到某數額)降價 to knock the landlord down from £200 to £150 把房東的要價從200英鎊還到150英鎊
    • 5. 擊槌賣出 lot 36 was knocked down at £180 第36號拍品以180英鎊拍出 they can't knock it down for less than the reserve price 他們不能低於底價拍出這件東西