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  1. lay on

    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 用一層…覆蓋 he laid on the plaster, layer after layer 他把灰泥一層層地塗上去
    • 2. 安裝 you can reclaim the cost of laying on electricity and water 你可以報銷安裝水電的費用
    • 3. 提供 the organizers of the event had laid on free refreshments 活動的組織者提供了免費的茶點 the Council is laying on extra bus services in the run-up to Christmas 聖誕前市政會安排加開公交車
    • 4. 安排 the villagers laid on a display of traditional dancing 村民們安排了傳統舞蹈表演
    • 5. 使…過分 she was laying on the sweetness and flattery 她極盡甜言蜜語、阿諛奉承之能事 to lay it on thick 過分地誇大某事物