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  1. learn

    • IPA[lɜːn]



    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 過去式:learned 過去分詞:learned 現在分詞:learning

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. 學習 it's time you learned better manners! 你該懂點禮貌! to learn sth. by heart 記住某事物
    • 2. 得知 I never learned her name 我從來沒有聽說過她的名字 we'll soon learn whether she succeeded 我們很快就會知道她是否成功了
    • 3. 教訓 I'll soon learn you! 我很快就要你好看!


    • 1. 學習 to learn about sth. 學習關於某事物的知識 to learn from sb. 向某人學習
    • 2. 聽說 to learn about or of sth. 得知某事物 we only learned about or of the accident today 我們今天才聽說了這次事故
    • adj.
      博學的 a learned person 學者 my learned friend 我這位法律同仁
    • adj.
    • adj.
      有學問的,博學的;精通的[(+in)] The more learned a man is, the more modest he usually is. 人愈有學問,往往愈是謙虛。
    • 有學問的,博學的


    • ph.
      聽到有關...; 學習 People learn about a new subject quickly and easily when they are interested in it. 當人們對一個新科目感興趣時, 他們能迅速又容易地學會它。 Mary learns about English on her own. 瑪麗靠自己自修學習英語。
    • ph.
      從...中吸取教訓 We should learn from his mistakes. 我們應該從他的錯誤中接受教訓。
    • ph.
      獲知, 聽說 I am sorry to learn of his illness. 聽說他生病的消息, 我很難過。 We have just learned of his promotion. 我們剛剛才知道他升遷的事。
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    • KK[lɝn]
    • DJ[lə:n]


    • vt.
      學習;學會[+to-v][+v-ing][+wh-] He has learnt a new skill. 他學會了一項新技能。 My brother is learning English now. 我的弟弟正在學英語。
    • vi.
      學,學習[(+from)] Why don't you learn from my mistakes? 你為何不從我的錯誤中吸取教訓呢?
    • 學習,學