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  1. leave

    • IPA[liːv]



    • vt.
      離開;辭去; 離開
    • vi.
    • n.
      假期; 病假; 休假;許可
    • 過去式:left 過去分詞:left 現在分詞:leaving

    • 名詞複數:leaves

    • 過去式:leaved 過去分詞:leaved 現在分詞:leaving

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    • 1. 離開 to leave home/the country 離家/出國 to leave the plane 下飛機
    • 2. 辭去; 離開 she has left the teaching profession 她已經不再教書了
    • 3. 丟棄; 拋棄 she left him to find his own way home 她丟下他讓他自己找路回家 he left his wife for another woman 他為另一個女人拋棄了妻子
    • 4. 遺下 he leaves a widow and three children 他死後留下寡妻和3個孩子
    • 5. 使處於 they left him waiting for 10 minutes 他們讓他等了10分鐘 she left the baby crying 她聽任孩子哭個不停
    • 6. 使得; 結果是 the illness left him with chronic bronchitis 這場病讓他患上了慢性支氣管炎 I was left with the impression that they didn't care 留給我的印象是他們不在乎
    • 7. 剩下 she left most of her breakfast 她的早餐剩了一大半沒吃 leave some wine for Jane 給簡留一些葡萄酒
    • 8. 餘下 seven from ten/ten minus seven leaves three 10減7得3
    • 9. 留下; 忘記帶 she left the letter on his desk 她把信留在他的書桌上 don't leave your toys all over the floor! 不要把玩具丟得地板上到處都是!
    • 10. 託付; 交託 the children were left in my care 孩子們託付給我照看 he left his watch with his father while he went for a swim 他去游泳時把手表交給父親保管
    • 11. 遺留 she left all her money to charity 她把所有的錢都遺贈給了慈善機構 my grandfather left me £1,000 我祖父遺留給我1,000英鎊
    • 12. 不接受 to take sb./sth. or leave sb./sth. 對某人/某事物持無所謂的態度 what do you think of Jenny? — I can take her or leave her 你覺得珍妮怎麼樣?──無所謂好不好
    • 13. 推遲 leave it for now: you can finish it off tomorrow 把這事暫擱一下:你可以明天完成 let's leave the washing-up till tomorrow 把餐具留到明天再洗吧
    • 14. 不做 should I try and fix it? — no, leave it 我試著修一下好嗎?──不用,放著吧 his homework often gets left 他經常不做家庭作業
    • 15. 不干預 leave that! it's dirty! 別碰那個!髒! to leave sb. to himself/herself 不打擾某人


    • 1. 離開 don't leave without me 不要丟下我 it's time we left 我們該走了
    • 2. 辭職 he left for another firm 他跳槽了


    • 1. 假期; 病假; 休假 annual leave 年假 to take three days' leave 休假3天
    • 2. 許可 he was granted leave to address the meeting 他獲准在會上發言 by or with your leave 請允許我
    • 3. 告別 to take one's leave (of sb.) (向某人)告別 the guests took their leave 客人們告辭了
    • npl.
    • comb.
    • leaf的名詞複數
    • suf.
    • adj.
    • 有葉的


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    • KK[liv]
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    • vt.
      離開(某處)[(+for)] Mr. Smith left the room at two o'clock. 史密斯先生兩點離開房間。
    • vi.
      離去;動身[(+for)] We will leave for London next week. 我們下週動身去倫敦。
    • KK[liv]
    • DJ[li:v]


    • n.
      准假;休假;休假期[C][U] I got two weeks' leave. 我獲得兩週的假期。
    • 離開,脫離