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  1. leave behind

    • vt.
      把…拋在後面;離開; 拋開
    • 釋義


    • 1. 把…拋在後面 to leave the competitors behind 超過競爭對手 you'll have to walk a bit faster if you don't want to get left behind 如果你不想落在後面,就得走快一些
    • 2. 離開; 拋開 the boat sailed away, leaving the coast behind 船駛離海岸 to leave one's family behind 離開家人
    • 3. 忘記帶; 不帶 he left his briefcase behind on the train 他把公文包落在火車上了 anything that is too heavy to carry will have to be left behind 搬不動的重物都必須留下
    • 4. 使處於 the storm left a trail of destruction behind it 暴風雨過後滿目瘡痍