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  1. let down

    • ph.
      放下, 降下;放鬆, 鬆懈下來
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    • 1. 放下, 降下 John let down the chain saw on a rope from the window. 約翰從窗口把機器鋸用繩子垂降下來。
    • 2. 放鬆, 鬆懈下來 Don't let down near the end of the race, or you will disappoint everyone. 比賽快接近終點時別鬆懈下來, 否則你會令大家失望。
    • 3. 沒有支持或使滿意, 令人失望 I will never let you down. 我永遠都不會使你失望。 I have been badly let down. 我曾經因得不到支持而非常失望。
    • 4. 放長(衣服) You are growing fast, your skirt needs to be let down. 你長得很快, 你的裙子得放長一點。
    • 5. (輪胎)放氣 Someone let down the tire so the car can't run. 有人把輪胎放了氣, 所以現在車子走不動了。


    放下, 降下


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