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  1. look to

    • ph.
      注意, 小心;依靠某人或某事
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    • 1. 注意, 小心 Look to your manners, my girls. 女兒們, 注意你們的舉止, 別失禮。 The country must look to its defences. 國家必須注意國防。
    • 2. 依靠某人或某事 The all look to you for help. 他們全都要仰賴你幫忙。 She's regularly looked to for advice. 人家經常徵求她的意見。
    • 3. 面向 We would like to buy a house that looks to the South. 我們想買一幢朝南的房子。


    注意, 小心