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  1. make sth. up

    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 形成(或構成、組成)某物 Animal bodies are made up of cells. 動物的身體是由細胞組成的。 What are the qualities that make up her character? 形成她性格的特質是什麼?
    • 2. 將幾種東西放在一起 make up a bundle of old clothes for a jumble sale 把舊衣物捆起準備義賣 She made up a basket of food for the picnic. 她為野餐裝好一籃子食物。
    • 3. 配(藥) The pharmacist made up the prescription. 藥劑師按處方配了藥。
    • 4. 將(布料)製成衣服 Can you make up this dress length for me? 你能用這塊衣料給我做一件連衣裙嗎?
    • 5. 鋪(床); 支起(臨時床) We made up the bed in the spare room for our guest. 我們在空著的房間裡給客人鋪好床。 They made up a bed for me on the sofa. 他們給我在沙發上鋪好被褥當作床。
    • 6. 給(火)添燃料 The fire needs making up (i.e. needs to have more coal put on it). 這火該添點煤了。
    • 7. (尤用於被動語態)鋪(路)
    • 8. 編排(版面); 拼(版)
    • 9. 捏造(或虛構)某事(尤指為欺騙某人) make up an excuse 編造藉口 I couldn't remember a story to tell the children, so I made one up as I went along. 我想不出有什麼故事可給孩子講了, 只好現編現講。
    • 10. 補足或補齊某事物 We still need £100 to make up the sum required. 我們還需要100英鎊才能達到所需的數目。 We have ten players, so we need one more to make up a team. 我們已有十名運動員, 尚需一名才能湊成一個隊。
    • 11. 代替(或取代、替換、賠還)某物 Our losses will have to be made up with more loans. 我們需增加貸款以賠補虧損。 You must make up the time you wasted this afternoon by working late tonight. 你今晚得熬夜來補回下午浪費的時間。