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  1. make with

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    • 1. 馬上提供 make with the money! 快給錢!
    • ph.
      與...交談(或會晤、取得聯繫) They made contact with headquarters by radio. 他們用無線電跟總部聯絡上了。 I finally made contact with her in Paris. 我終於在巴黎同她取得了聯繫。
    • ph.
      【美】【俚】(尤用於祈使句)迅速拿出(或提供)某物 Make with the beers, buster! 伙計, 拿啤酒來!
    • ph.
      湊合著用 I'll have to make do with by old coat this winter. 今年冬天我只好穿舊外套湊合了。 We were in such a hurry that we had to make do with a quick meal. 我們很匆忙, 只好將就著吃了頓快餐。
    • ph.
      與...講和; 與...解決紛爭 She was trying to make peace with her next-door neighbors. 她試圖與隔壁鄰居講和。
    • ph.
      挾帶...潛逃; 殺死 The maid made away off with her master's jewelery. 女僕偷了主人的珠寶逃走了。 The film star made away with herself! 那位電影明星自殺了。
    • ph.
      隨意使用 She made free with my books during my absence. 我不在時她隨便翻閱我的書。 He made free with all his girl-friend's money. 他隨便花女朋友的錢。
    • vt.
      攜…而逃 thieves made off with our jewellery 盜賊偷走了我們的珠寶
    • ph.
      (以……)勉強過日子;將就著過日子 When a typhoon is raging, residents are often caught without water and electricity, so they have to make do with what they have. 颱風來時,住戶經常沒有電也沒有水。所以他們只好將就著過。
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