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  1. mark



    • n.
    • 同反義


    1. a small area on a surface having a different colour from its surroundings, typically one caused by damage or dirt

    2. a line, figure, or symbol made as an indication or record of something

    3. a sign or indication of a quality or feeling

    4. a written symbol made on a document in place of a signature by someone who cannot write

    5. a level or stage that is considered significant

    6. a figure or letter representing the total number of marks awarded in an examination or competition and signifying a person's score

    7. (especially in athletics) a time or distance achieved by a competitor, especially one which represents a record or personal best

    8. a target

    9. make a visible impression or stain on

    10. write a word or symbol on (an object) in order to give information

    11. indicate the position of

    12. acknowledge or celebrate (an important event) with a particular action

    13. be an indication of (a significant event or stage)

    14. characterize as having a particular quality or feature

    15. (of a teacher or examiner) assess the standard of (written work) by assigning points for proficiency or correct answers

    16. notice or pay careful attention to