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  1. match

    • IPA[mætʃ]



    • n.
    • vt.
      使相配;和…相配; 和…匹配
    • vi.
      相配; 匹配
    • 過去式:matched 過去分詞:matched 現在分詞:matching

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
    • 片語


    • 1. 比賽 an away/a home match 客場/主場比賽 a shouting/slanging match 大聲爭吵/互相謾罵
    • 2. 對手 a good/poor match 實力相當/實力不濟的對手 to meet one's match 棋逢對手
    • 3. 相配之物 a good/poor/perfect match 很/不/完全般配的東西 to form a match 匹配
    • 4. 搭檔 to make a good match (for sb.) 是(某人)很好的搭檔 don't you think they're a good match? 你不覺得他們是很好的一對嗎?
    • 5. 婚姻; 婚配 a good/an unfortunate match 美滿/不幸的婚姻 to make a match 結婚


    • 1. 使相配 to match A and B or A with B or A to B 把A和B配對 can you match the names to the photos? 你能把姓名和照片對上號嗎?
    • 2. 和…相配; 和…匹配
    • 3. 與…一致 which word matches the definition given? 哪個詞符合給出的定義?
    • 4. 比得上 to match sb. at tennis 在打網球上和某人旗鼓相當 match that if you can! 有本事你來試一試!
    • 5. 使…較量; 比試 they matched wits 他們展開了鬥智 to match one's skill against sb. else's 和某人比技巧


    • 1. 相配; 匹配 I can't get the two sides to match 我不能使雙方達成一致 shoes with handbag to match 有手提包搭配的鞋


    1. a contest in which people or teams compete against each other in a particular sport

    2. a person or thing that is equal to another in quality or strength

    3. a person or thing that resembles or corresponds to another

    4. a person viewed in regard to their eligibility for marriage, especially as regards class or wealth

    5. a marriage

    6. correspond or cause to correspond in some essential respect; make or be harmonious

    7. put (someone or something) together with someone or something else appropriate or harmonious

    8. be equal to (something) in quality or strength

    • adj.
    • match的名詞複數
    • 配對,匹敵,相配,比賽


    • 皮配


    • ph.
      【舊】被視為相稱的配偶 The young heiress was a good match. 那個繼承了大筆財產的年輕女子是理想的伴侶。
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    • n.
      火柴 to put or set a match to sth. 用火柴點燃某物 a box of matches 一盒火柴
    • KK[mætʃ]
    • DJ[mætʃ]


    • n.[C]
      比賽,競賽 Our side beat the other in the match. 我方在競賽中擊敗了對方。
    • vt.
      使較量,使比賽[(+against/with)] Reed will be matched against Stone in the semifinal. 里德將在準決賽中與史東較量。
    • vi.
      相配,相適合[(+up)] The wallpaper and paint match pretty well. 壁紙和油漆的顏色十分協調。
    • KK[mætʃ]
    • DJ[mætʃ]


    • n.[C]
      火柴 He struck a match and lit his cigarette. 他擦根火柴點燃香菸。
    • 比賽,競賽