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  1. mine

    • IPA[mīn]


    • n.
      an excavation in the earth for extracting coal or other minerals;an abundant source of something
    • v.
      obtain (coal or other minerals) from a mine;dig in (the earth) for coal or other minerals
    • verb: mine, 3rd person present: mines, gerund or present participle: mining, past tense: mined, past participle: mined

    • noun: mine, plural noun: mines

    • 釋義



    • 1. obtain (coal or other minerals) from a mine the company came to the area to mine phosphate 35 million tons of mined coal 同義詞 quarry, excavate, dig (up), extract, unearth, ... 更多
    • dig in (the earth) for coal or other minerals the hills were mined for copper oxide many financiers managed to obtain concessions to mine for silver
    • dig or burrow in (the earth) the earth beneath had been tortuously mined by pestilential rabbits
    • delve into (an abundant source) to extract something of value, especially information or skill how do they manage to mine such a rich vein of talent? 同義詞 search, ransack, delve into, rake through, scour, ... 更多
    • obtain units of (a cryptocurrency) by running a computer process to solve specific mathematical problems if you're mining bitcoin you need to do it faster than anyone else
    • 2. lay explosive mines on or just below the surface of (the ground or water) the area was heavily mined 同義詞 defend with mines, protect with mines, lay with mines, sow with mines
    • destroy by means of an explosive mine HMS Ocean was mined in the Dardanelles in 1915