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  1. miss

    • IPA[mɪs]



    • vt.
      未擊中; 未接住;避開
    • vi.
      沒打中; 你肯定能成功;不做
    • n.
      擊不中;銷量很差的唱片; 票房很差的電影
    • 過去式:missed 過去分詞:missed 現在分詞:missing

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. 未擊中; 未接住 to miss a penalty 罰失點球 the ball missed the goal 球沒有進網
    • 2. 避開 to just miss the other car/having an accident 差點兒撞上另一輛車/出事故 to miss death by inches 險些喪命
    • 3. 錯過 is Lee here? — you just missed him 李在這裡嗎?──他剛走 to miss one's cue 未聽到出場提示
    • 4. 未看見; 未聽見; 未聽懂 you can't miss it 你不會看不見的 he doesn't miss a trick 他十分機敏
    • 5. 未做到 to miss doing sth. 未能做某事 to miss getting an A by 2 marks 差兩分沒得到A
    • 6. 未出席; 遺漏 to miss the middle paragraph 跳過中間的那個段落 I missed lunch 我沒吃午飯
    • 7. 發覺遺失; 發覺…不在身邊 I didn't miss my purse till I got back to the hotel 我回到賓館才發現錢包丟了
    • 8. 想念 to miss sb./sth. (very badly or much) (非常)想念某人/某物 keep it, I shan't miss it 你留著吧,我不需要它了


    • 1. 沒打中; 你肯定能成功 he had an open goal, but he missed 他面對空門卻沒射進 you can't miss 你不會打不中的
    • 2. 不做 I always hear from her at New Year; she never misses 我每個新年都會收到她的來信,她一次不落
    • 3. 不點火


    • 1. 擊不中 he scored ten hits and two misses 他十次擊中,兩次未中 a miss is as good as a mile 錯誤再小也是錯
    • 2. 銷量很差的唱片; 票房很差的電影