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  1. narrow escape

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      千鈞一髮的脫險, 僥倖脫逃
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    • 1. 千鈞一髮的脫險, 僥倖脫逃 That was a narrow escape. The bomb exploded just ten seconds after we ran out of the house. 那真是千鈞一髮。炸彈在我們跑出屋外僅僅十秒中之後就爆炸了。 That Jewish family left their hiding place half an hour before the Nazi soldiers arrived. They had a narrow escape. 那個猶太家庭在納粹士兵來搜之前半小時離開他們藏身之處。他們逃得好險。


    千鈞一髮的脫險, 僥倖脫逃