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  1. not

    • IPA[nɒt]



    • adv.
    • adv
    • conj
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    • 1. he told me not to come 他叫我不要來 they didn't like it 他們不喜歡它
    • 2. 而不是 they live in caves, not in houses 他們住在洞穴裡,而不是在房子裡 he's not so much aggressive as assertive 他與其說是好鬥,還不如說是很自信
    • 3. 不只是 not only or just or simply or merely ... but (also) ... 不僅…而且… not merely in Africa, but everywhere 不僅在非洲,而且在任何地方
    • 4. 沒有 I'm afraid not 恐怕沒有 I hope not 我希望不是
    • 5. 不到 not three miles/hours from here 距離這裡不到3英里/3小時路程 not five minutes ago 不到5分鐘以前
    • 6. 根本沒有 not a or one ... 一個…也沒有 not a sound was heard 一點聲音都聽不到


    • 1. 一點也不 I was not at all surprised by his reaction 我對他的反應一點也不覺得吃驚
    • 2. 沒關係 thanks a lot — not at all 多謝了──不客氣 will it bother you if I smoke? — not at all! 我抽煙你介意嗎?──沒關係!
    • 3. 然而 not but what the picture has its darker side 不過美麗的東西也有黑暗的一面


    • 1. 倒不是 it's not that he hasn't been friendly 倒不是說他不友好 is anyone else coming? — not that I know of 還有誰來嗎?──這我倒不知道
    • 2. 並不是說 she hasn't written, not that she said she would 她還沒有寫信來,這並不是說她說過她會寫
    • ph.
      不多; 很少 A: Do we have any homework? B: Yes, but not much. 甲: 我們有沒有家庭作業? 乙: 有, 但是並不多。
    • ph.
      根本不; 並沒有 We're not exactly driving fast. 我們車開得並不快。 He was not exactly pleased to see us; in fact he refused to open the door. 他根本不願見我們, 其實他連門都不開。
    • ph.
      (用以提出一建議或對一建議表示同意)為什麼不... Why not go now? 現在就去好不好?
    • ph.
      (用於if 現在時態或現在完成時態之後)要不; 不然 I'll go if you're going -- if not I'd rather stay at home. 你去我就去, 否則我寧可待在家裡。 If you've finished we can have a coffee -- if not, you'd better keep working. 你要是完事了, 咱們可以喝杯咖啡--不然的話, 你最好接著幹下去。
    • ph.
      【俚】極其; 非常 He did not half waste money. 他很浪費錢。 Was she annoyed? Not half! “她很生氣嗎?” “生氣極了。”
    • ph.
      既不...也不 Kevin didn't wear a jacket or a sweater. 克文既沒有穿夾克也沒有穿毛衣。
    • ph.
      尤其是; 特別是 The film caused a lot of bad feeling, not least among the workers whose lives it described. 那影片招致許多人的反感, 尤其是工人不滿其中對工人生活的描寫。
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    • KK[nɑt]
    • DJ[nɔt]


    • adv.
      He is not a member of the Union. 他不是工會會員。
    • 不,非,並非,沒有