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  1. object clause

    • n.
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    • english grammer clause

      ...after work. Yes, it is a noun clause, being the object of the verb "said". It...speech has a structure of subject + verb + object (noun clause). 2011-08-06 16:04:58 補充: "where"...

    • relative clauses exercise with answer 20mark!!

      ...and its subject is whoever. When it functions as an object in a subordinate clause, whom appears out of order, before both the subject and the verb. ...

    • 呢2句問句 .. 邊句係正確 ? ( 10分 )

      ... to tell us] is not clear. (他跟我們說什麼,還不清楚。) 2)Object clause(當賓語) eg. I want to know [what he has told you]. (我想...