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  1. odds

    • KK[ɑds]
    • DJ[ɔds]


    • n.[K]
    • 釋義


    • 1. 機會,可能性;成功的可能性[(+on/against)][+(that)] His odds were very poor after he sprained his wrist. 他扭傷了手腕,獲勝的可能性極小。 The odds are that our team will win. 我們隊大概會贏。
    • 2. 投注賠率,賭注差額
    • 3. 不和,相爭 She is at odds with her boss. 她與她的老板不和。
    • 4. 區別,差異;差額 It makes no odds whether you give me coffee or tea. 你請我喝咖啡或喝茶都沒有什麼關係。 It makes no odds whether she goes or she stays. 她去也好留也好都沒有什麼關係。
    • 5. 優勢 The odds are on the visiting team. 客隊佔優勢。 She succeeded against overwhelming odds. 她在極端不利的條件下獲得了成功。
    • 6. (比賽時對較弱一方的)讓步