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  1. on the contrary


    • ph.
      恰恰相反; 不是...而是...
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    • 1. 恰恰相反; 不是...而是...

      We thought it would be bad weather, but on the contrary it was a clear day. 我以為天氣會很糟, 但恰恰相反是個大晴天。

      I did not go to London, on the contrary I went to Paris. 我沒有去倫敦而是去了巴黎。


    恰恰相反; 不是...而是...

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    • ph.
    • You're quite free now, I think. On the contrary, I have tons of things to do! 我想你現在一定很空。正相反,我有一大堆事要做!
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      on the contrary 係有 「相反地」 ge意思 而however 有ge係 「然而」, 「可是」ge意思。 第一...覺得套戲好睇, _________覺得好難睇。 「好睇」同「好難睇」係相反ge, 所以可以用on the contrary. 第二題, 佢係話stewart唔聰明, _____好誠實。 聰明同誠實根本就唔係相反詞, 你...

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