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  1. on the spot

    • ph.
      立即, 當場;在現場, 到現場(尤指能提供幫助的人)
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    • 1. 立即, 當場 The news of important events is often broadcast on the spot. 重大事件的新聞經常通過現場播放。 When Tom ruined an expensive machine, his boss fired him on the spot. 當湯姆毀壞一台貴重的機器以後, 他的老板立即把他解僱。
    • 2. 在現場, 到現場(尤指能提供幫助的人) The police were on the spot within a few minutes of my telephone call. 我打電話幾分鐘後警察就趕到了現場。 Luckily there was a doctor on the spot. 幸虧當時有位醫生在場。


    立即, 當場