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  1. on-off

    • adj.
      開-關的;分分合合的; 時斷時續的
    • 釋義
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    • 1. 開-關的 an on-off switch 雙位開關
    • 2. 分分合合的; 時斷時續的
    • 打開/關掉


    • ph.
      因摩擦而沾在...上 Carbon rubs off on your hands. 碳會沾手。
    • ph.
      斷斷續續地 I have studied music on and off for about twenty years. 我斷斷續續地學音樂差不多二十年。 I have been there on and off. 我時而在那裡。
    • ph.
      偶而 We don't go to the theatre regularly, just off and on. 我們不經常去劇院, 只是偶然去一次。 Lanny had been meeting Mary off and on for a couple of months. 幾個月內藍尼和瑪莉一直斷斷續續地見面。
    • ph.
    • ph.
    • ph.
      斷斷續續地 It rained off and on all day. 斷斷續續下了一天雨。
    • ph.
      斷斷續續地 He has been working here, on and off, for two years. 他在這兒斷斷續續工作了兩年。
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